Strap Types


  • Ankle Strap (Fixed or With Loop):
    This is the standard around-the-ankle strap commonly used for most women's dress shoes and sandals and provides the least amount of foot security.
  • T-Strap
    The t-strap connects to the base of the shoe securing your foot more evenly to the shoe while taking some of the pressure and tightness off the ankle.
  • X-Strap Ankle (W/Out Loop)
    This style of x-strap anchors you firmly into your shoe by providing twice the coverage as a traditional strap.
  • X-Strap Arch
    Great for newer dancers, this strap style anchors your foot to the arch of the shoe, providing an ideal amount of support and stability.
    If you are prone to "roll" your ankle in heels with a traditional ankle strap, you'll love the security this cross-strap will provide you.
  • Double X-Strap
    Combining the best of all worlds, the double x-strap provides FOUR anchors securing you as-if you were wearing a lace-up style. You'll be amazed at how secure your foot feels!
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